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Whether you have a single document or a dozen, you won’t have people coming in and out to mail their packages, pick up their packages, or get their mail all around you. Your documents are not on public display.


If you have a dozen documents that need notarized, you won’t have any concerns about holding up people also “in line” to see the notary.ay.


We are available when you need us! If outside of regular business hours, call and see if we’re able to serve you, we just might! There are times when life doesn’t happen inside of tidy business hours, we understand that.

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We love our community and are proud to be a neighbor helping a neighbor. You are more than a number to us.

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We are located in Anthem, AZ

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Ave Notary Rhonda Santoro

Rhonda Santoro - Notary & Signing Agent

Ave Notary is a full service Mobile Notary and Signing Agent serving the Phoenix Area.

Why do we need Notaries?

Notaries are officers of the state who act impartially to properly execute impactful documents for the public. In doing so Notaries both deter fraud and establish that the signer understands the document they are signing and is doing so willingly.

What is a Notary Not?

A Notary is not an attorney, judge, or high ranking official. As such a Notary can not offer advice.


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