Why Having Your Vehicle Title Notarized is Rarely an Emergency and What the Notary Public will need when you make an appointment

May 28, 2021
notary signing agent

So you are thinking about selling your car or truck or motorcycle, really any vehicle that needs the title notarized. Great!

All of a sudden, someone is ready to buy, and you need a Notary. But it’s 8 pm before they can get to you. Or it’s Sunday. It could even be over a holiday weekend, which means you are struggling to find a Notary.

When you first decided to sell your vehicle – that was the perfect time to have that title notarized. You don’t need to wait until you have a buyer. When you are ready to place that ad, make an appointment with the Notary and have that title notarized.

And when you make that appointment bring your current (unexpired) gov’t issued ID. Most folks use their driver’s license, but some use a passport. Do not sign the title before you meet with the Notary. But if you already did, we can attach a Bill of Sale.

So get ready to sell that car/truck/motorcycle/boat, and make an appointment here with Rhonda at Ave! Notary. Feel free to call/text 623-850-8366.

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