I need real estate documents notarized!

November 6, 2021
notary signing agent

Has your Title Company sent you documents for the house you sold, or are buying, or are refinancing and told you to find a notary?

Did you know that there are notaries that are specially certified, background checked, and insured to notarize real estate documents? There are and let’s talk about it!

First, there are Notaries Public and Notary Signing Agents, and every single Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public but not every Notary Public is a Notary Signing Agent.

When it comes to real estate documents billions of dollars are transferred through the economy annually via real estate transactions. Within those documents is contained sensitive information. Whether a commercial or private individual transaction, there are tax numbers, social security numbers, proceeds amounts, and banking numbers just as an example.

It is for this reason, that selecting a notary that is actually a Notary Signing Agent provides you not only the best service but also the best protection in making sure that your transaction is handled with competence and discretion. Every single year an NSA (notary signing agent) is recertified in their knowledge of real estate documents and procedures and laws surrounding those. Every single year the NSA is FBI background checked. The NSA has purchased E&O insurance. Here at Ave Notary LLC, I carry $100,000. Your NSA will be knowledgeable of the documents. Continuing education is paramount to NSAs to keep up with industry changes and requirements.

You can trust Ave Notary LLC for all of your general notary needs as well as your real estate documents needs.

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